"Goal Setting" vs. "Divine Intervention"

I do a lot of research - reading, listening to pod casts and You Tube watching -  about successful people and what their secret is that  has helped catapult their careers to the level of success that it has. Spiritualist or Realist? Hmmm, that is a toss up.  Because of the business that I am in and so passionate about, I am most drawn to the Spiritualist philosophies when it comes to living your life purpose and "Letting Go" of what doesn't move you or flow properly.  "Do what makes you happy and watch your life turn into an abundant dream come true."

On the other end of the spectrum the Realist will set long-term and short-term goals,  get up at 4:30am and work until the wee hours of the evening. “Hard work pays off and it's not always going to be easy or fun.”  I've heard some successful Spiritual Leaders say they never set goals. Goals get in the way of your life purpose.
Confused? Me too.

Most recently my son Gabe and I committed to running in a 200 mile relay (Reach the Beach) with my cousin Lori and 9 other people over a 24 hour time frame.  "What were we thinking?!" that's beside the point. When I started training for the relay I set goals for myself to run a certain amount of miles per week. I found that I can run a lot longer, faster and further than I ever could as a result.  In this case goal setting worked for me even though it is not always fun and can be very difficult to achieve.

In business, I noticed that I was bogging myself down with un-enjoyable tasks that were taking away from my spirit and making my business “not fun”.   My boyfriend reminded me that when he was struggling with finding the perfect employment opportunity that would align with what makes him happy, I helped him to "Let go and ask the Universe for what he really wanted." He thought it was silly, but he trusted me and was willing to try anything.  As soon as he did he landed the PERFECT JOB! Divine intervention.

I think it's evident that both goal setting and believing in divine intervention are helpful as proven in both scenarios. I don't feel we have to commit to one or the other.  I definitely feel that a combination of an open mind, hard work, doing what you love and having fun while your doing it are all components of success in personal and work life.

So, set those Goals and Ask the Universe for what you really want and believe you deserve. And in your spare time, send us some loving, cheer-leading thoughts when we’re running our tails off to “Reach The Beach” this coming Fall!

Julie Casey-Fortier

Me, My son Gabe, My cousin Lori and her daughter Fiona

Me, My son Gabe, My cousin Lori and her daughter Fiona