Here's what clients are saying about thier Reiki Treatments:

Reiki Treatment Testimonials

“Have you ever felt really “off”? Not yourself, but you can’t figure out why? Tired, emotional, stressed, wrung out, cranky? No, I’m not talking about PMS…..  What I learned from Julie is that sometimes it’s multiple factors in a crazy busy world that build up and they take their toll on us physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Visiting Julie for Reiki is literally what cures this for me. We talked about how I was feeling, symptoms and recent life events over tea. I relaxed and Julie performed Reiki. She is extremely intuitive, understanding and a gifted natural healer. If you’ve never had Reiki, it’s hard to understand, but Julie is able to unblock, open up and get positive, healing energy flowing again. (I could literally feel my body tingling with my eyes closed and Julie wasn’t even touching me). This facilitation of energy flow heals your mind, body and spirit WITHOUT any side effects. It’s incredible, powerful and I highly recommend it. Life is too short and precious to be distracted by ailments. Take control of your health and live positively. Be well”
Elizabeth B. - Greenand, NH

“I was lucky enough to experience a Reiki treatment with Julie.  I had been having some significant mood issues related to a hormone imbalance and was looking to find some relief/balance. I did not know what to expect as it was my first Reiki treatment. A sense of calm came over me, warmth and clarity. Following the treatment, I had an emotional release that felt so healing. I am looking forward to additional Reiki treatments with Julie in the future.”
Alice W.B - Cape Neddick, ME

“I had the pleasure of experiencing the Reiki service provided by Julie at Serene Solutions recently.  I had no idea what a comprehensive and absolutely delightful experience this would be.  From the initial conversation, apparently designed to determine some points of anxiety I was experiencing, right through to the Reiki treatment itself, I felt completely relaxed and able to let her work her magic. I left there feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for another session!”
Thomas H. -  Newmarket, NH

“Because of some underlying personal and professional issues I was having that ultimately lead to stress and anxiety, my wife set me up with a Reiki treatment with Julie.  I didn’t know what to expect, but together prior to even having Reiki we determined my lack of confidence going back to beliefs that were programmed when I was young, which in turn were blocking my success at work, currently. After the Reiki session I somehow felt free and separated from the anxieties. I felt lighter, and had an opportunity to look at and question the anxiety and pain. It put me on the other side of some kind of proverbial window with the ability to look at it anew. Since then I was presented with 3 job opportunities of which pay double what I was making!”
Howard. W - Newfields, NH

"I was experiencing intense abdominal pain and could not get it to stop.   I called Julie with the hope she could help ease the pain - otherwise I knew I would go to the emergency room for pain meds.  She graciously agreed to come and help me.  Within minutes of performing Reiki on me the pain had decreased significantly and I was able to relax.  After several more minutes of Reiki the pain was gone and I felt at peace.  I was able to sleep and when I awoke the pain was a faint memory. Unbelievable!"
Keith B. - Dunbarton, NH

I was not a big believer in Reiki & its so called energy, until recently.  About a year ago I was going thru a very low point in my life.  I spent a lot of time depressed just trying to sleep thru it thinking that it would just all go away and fix itself.  Julie would tell me about  positive experiences with other people , reading them their angel cards and practicing Reiki on them.  I started reading about these practices and was kind of intrigued, and finally asked Julie if she could pull some of the angel cards for me to see what they said.  I remember the day exactly it gave me chills as the cards pertain to what I was going thru, and at the time she did not have any idea about my situation.   The next few days I asked her to pull cards for me again & again, and the weirdest thing is this one card would come up over and over.  Forgiveness was the card.   This made me want to then try Reiki.   I just wanted to stop feeling sad, depressed  and hateful wanted to focus on what I had in front of me instead of what pain I had been going thru.  I feel like Reiki gave me calmness & the feeling of clarity of what I truly wanted my next steps to be.  I felt more at peace with letting decision happen instead of just forcing my thoughts.   Julie is a very  spiritual person,  and this help give me the confidence to try Reiki.   I am very thankful.  
K. Rich - Atlanta, GA