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Jennifer Casey - LADC JUlie Casey-Fortier - LE/RM

Jennifer Casey - LADC
JUlie Casey-Fortier - LE/RM

Serene Solutions  45 South Road, North Hampton, NH

Serene Solutions
45 South Road, North Hampton, NH



Thank You for visiting Serene Solutions!
We are very excited to share with you our vision and our "Why".  Why did we create this beautiful welcoming atmosphere - a space of peace, warmth  and hospitality for all of our  very special clients and Students?  It's because through our professions, though very different - please read Bio's below - we desire a common ground to offer a variety of services and classes tailored toward not only beauty, health and wellness but also inspiration, motivation and self-awareness.  
We believe we have a lot to offer individually and as a team.  Whether you are coming in for advanced skincare/body treatments, education or consulting,  Reiki Treatment or Master Level Certification training - Julie's your girl.
If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug use - contact Jennifer - she will gently lead you on the proper path. 
Together we offer wellness groups, classes and workshops  with a very special intention to bring individuals together for a common purpose creating a sense of camaraderie, acceptance and belonging in addition to the positive uplifting topics being explored.  An overall undeniable, unforgettable experience.  Our goal is always to accommodate you to the best of our abilities in a non-judgement environment we personally have created and are so proud of.  Again, we thank you for visiting our web-site and hope you are able to navigate through the pages and explore. We feel It is through our practices at Serene Solutions that we have weaved together what is the fabric of the moment - Healthful, Soulful Solutions and you'll possibly be drawn to what it is you need today - in this moment ~  

Jennifer Casey and Julie Fortier


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Julie Casey-Fortier

Licensed Esthetician-Medically Trained
Certified holistic Skincare Practitioner
Reiki Master - Master Level Certification and success coach

It's ironic how some "wave of the future" concepts  in skincare and wellness originally date back thousands of years like in Ayurvedic philosophies. Health is defined as an experience of happiness & bliss in the mind, soul, senses and balance of body. 

What makes my skincare treatments unique is the years of dedication in developing a concept that ensures a balance of not only the external skin and it's appearance, but the overall health of the individual, from the inside out. 

I take pride in my lifelong journey to continuously treat my clients and educate my students as individuals. By getting an understanding of the whole person and exactly what it is they need from me specifically. 

I have been practicing in the field of Esthetics for over 19 years, and am a graduate of Catherine Hinds School of Esthetics in Woburn MA.  As a CERTIFIED HOLISTIC SKINCARE EDUCATOR as well as an USUI REIKI HEALER and MASTER - SUCCESS COACH and EDUCATOR.  (Please visit links below for more information regarding courses to enhance your Skincare, Spiritual or Reiki practices).

Certified Holistic Esthtetician Eductation

Throughout my colorful career, I have learned all aspects of skincare  - Holistic and Medical (or clinical theory) and have had a fantastic revelation – there is room for both! I have a wonderful “East meets West” approach to skincare -  delving into ancient concepts of balance and well-being while allowing new-age modalities and techniques to breathe new life into my treatments and skincare options. All of my treatments are very specifically customized through the help of my chosen skincare line – OM Botanical – where holistic principles and organic ingredients from around the world meet.

I combine my Medically trained background with my Eastern Philosophies  (being a member of the Holistic Skincare Association) into my current practice, as well as, years of research and certifications - allowing for a well-rounded, creative, unbiased, and accepting approach to all who visit. 

I truly look forward to meeting you!

Julie Casey-Fortier
Licensed - Medically Trained Esthetician
Certified Reiki Master


Jennifer Casey

LADC - Licensed Alcohol and drug counselor

I am an open minded, compassionate, and caring counselor. I feel honored to work with all client's knowing how difficult it can be can be to disclose personal challenges. I strive to  create an environment where clients feel safe and understood.

I have over 20 years of experience  in the field of substance abuse counseling, and I am a NH Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. My journey began working in the Maine school systems as a student assistance counselor. From there I moved  to outpatient counseling service. Most recently I have been working with client's convicted of DWI's, providing them with substance abuse evaluations and counseling. 

At Serene Solutions, the services I am offering include: DWI evaluations and counseling, anger management counseling, and substance abuse counseling. I serve adolescents, adults, and families, and offer individual and group sessions. 

I develop a plan for each client that is personal and unique, taking into consideration the individual's needs. I incorporate years of work with the 12 Step Concept of Recovery and use this in my practice when appropriate. My counseling style pulls from evidence based practices including: Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I also incorporate meditation, yoga and many educational tools which can assist my clients with finding their best solution for a personal recovery.

Jennifer Casey - LADC