Facial Treatments

All facial treatments touch on all of the senses - including a cup of soothing warm tea before or after treatment, a pleasant choosing of the perfect essential oil to enhance the experience,  a combination of Organic Skincare Solutions with unique bio-energenic properties allowing for optimum transdermal delivery, lymphatic vacuuming, microdermabrasion, warm steam, essential oil infusion.  Hands, arms, neck and shoulder massage. 

Facial Packages


Serene Solutions Botanical Facial Treatment

For all skin types including teens with sensitive skin

This facial is the first step toward overall skin balance, learning about your skin type and conditions while experiencing an exfoliating, hydrating, nutrient infusing treatment.  Luxurious and Blissful!


East Meets West Ayurvedic Rejuvenating Facial

For Sundamaged, Mature, Congested, Crepy skin

If you are looking for the perfect balance of Modern Modalities and Eastern concepts of organic-botanical skin enhancing therapies - look no further. Enjoy a combination of Microdermabrasion, Radio Frequency, LED light therapy with Electric Muscle stimulation to lift, tighten, clarify and stimulate skin cells and collagen production all while incorporating the proper botanicals to ensure an over all soulful balance of health from the inside out. 


Ayurvedic Complete Rejuvenating Facial
with Neck & Chest Firming

Great just before a special event!

This is the “East Meets West Facial” described above, but with the addition of special care and attention to the the neck and chest as well.  Whether you are experiencing crepy, dry, sun damaged skin or congestion from breakouts this treatment is an all encompassing clarifying, rejuvenating and results driven option encompassing Vocanic Origins - otherwise known as the X-Factor combination with Vocanic Ash Clay ensuring a beautiful, natural exfoliating, lifting and tightening of the skin cells. Includes FREE Rejuvenating Hand treatment as well. ($15.00 value)


Feel the Peel -
Natural Azelaic Acid Facial Treatment

for mild to severe acne, hyperpigmentation, dull-aging skin types

If you love the feel of a peel you will love this natural azelaic acid peel treatment derived from rye grain is a combination of the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory  properties giving you a stimulating, lifting, tightening and clarifying result you feel see immediately.


Acne Defying -
Complete Corrective Herbal Facial

for Acne, blocked pores, oiliness and scarring  

This treatment is designed to help you begin a journey of clarification. Learn how lifestyle and stress can lead to skin conditions and understand how maintaining a healthy regimen following a deep cleansing, exfoliation, pore extraction and probiotic healing and penetration through LED light therapy and High frequency to decrease the bacteria and stimulate healing clarification.


Dermaplaning -
Age Defying, Clarifyling Facial Treatment

for all skin types 

This is one of the most popular treatments I offer, due to the removal all surface skin cells and supurflous hair leaving the skin softer and smoother than you’ve ever experienced. Because of the defined procedure of exfoliation all of the products applied to the skin following melts directly into your skin and is infused with mesotherapy and LED Light for targeted skin concerns. Come see for yourself the improvement of your skin’s appearance after just one treatment!