Certified Holistic Skincare Education
With an East Meets West Approach
includes/Usui Reiki I Certification

Requirements: Must be a Licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist

Weekend Class
March 9th and 10th


~ Become a Certified Holistic Skin Care Esthetician and Usui Reiki I Certified practitioner ~2-day hands-on course~ $1100.00
~Different Pricing for Private Session - CALL FOR MORE INFO. 603-767-9196

Have you been looking for a niche that could skyrocket your skincare practice to increase revenue and set you apart from your competition?

Are you hoping to add a new dimension of Healing Arts to your practice that will heighten your awareness and give your clients an experience they could not possibly get anywhere else?

Are you ready to make a decision that could change everything?! Not just the way you do busienss, but the way you look at the world, life and energetic waves of possibilities?

Training includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Mesotherapy - LED Light Therapy, Electric Muscle Stimulation, and Micro-current

  • Diamond & water micro-dermabrasion theory and instruction

  • Radio Frequency and Heat stimulation for skin tightening

  • Acid & enzyme treatments, formulations of custom holistic masks & mineral compounds (mixed from scratch using dry ingredients you learn to formulate yourself)

  • Non-invasive face lifting

  • Crystal and Energy Therapies

  • Eco-friendly and efficient techniques for skincare treatments

  • Ayurvedic Skin and Body technique, instruction and training

  • Facial lymphatic drainage - Technique

  • Reiki 1 Certification Training and incorporation

    You did not stumble apon this program by accident. I truly don’t believe there are accidents. You were meant to be here!
    As you read about the program I encourage you click on the
    “ABOUT ME” segment to better understand my passion and what led me to where I am today in the development of this program and my evolution into the wonderful world of Healing Arts - USUI REIKI MASTER (upcoming Reiki Certification Classes)- ABOUT MY JOURNEY.

    This ”EAST MEETS WEST” concept and philosopy has evolved after many years of devotion and dedication to skincare in all areas of the field. Combinding my Medical/Clinical background with my Spiritual/Holistic background - Voila!

I am very excited to teach you a beautiful way to enhance your clients skin with dramatic effects without requiring painful techniques or toxic ingredients. With the combination of natural holistic remedies and affordable modalities you can absolutley acheive noticable, lasting results.

On-Going Private and Scheduled non-private Classes

You will receive your Holistic Esthetician certification through the Association of Holistic Skin Care Professionals. 

You will recieve your Usui Reiki I Certification from Reiki Master/Educator - Julie Casey-Fortier.

Certifications and treatment protocols are included in the price of the program.

To learn more about this program please click below and schedule a CALL from Licensed Esthetic and Reiki Master Practitioner /Edcuator - Julie casey-fortier