Sometimes It Takes a Village!

We're dedicating our first Blog to all who helped us get Serene Solutions off the ground so quickly and who have been supporting and cheering us on these past few months.  It certainly takes a village, even for a small business like ours, and we are so unbelievably grateful and humbled by all of the love and support.
From the moment we decided to move forward with this crazy dream to make a difference and follow our Life Purpose, our family and friends have been stepping up continuously to help in any way they can.  
THANK YOU KEITH  BENNETT for dropping everything, every time we needed your help moving furniture, putting something together or placing wall hangings just right.
THANK YOU DAD, JOE AND JIM for coming to our rescue when we needed electrical work done to pass the town inspection.
THANK YOU KAREN BROWN for taking such beautiful photos, allowing us to launch our web-site much sooner than later.
THANK YOU MOIRA ABRAM-HALE for putting our web-site together so quickly and really understanding what we wanted and making it look so amazing.
THANK YOU MATT GUNN for allowing Jennifer to borrow your truck whenever we needed to move larger furniture, such a huge help.
THANK YOU ELIZABETH BENNETT for taking time out of your weekends to help me with Marketing and Networking efforts - Not an easy task ;-)
THANK YOU TO MY SISTERS JANA AND JESSICA for always researching and giving us ideas and business advice - not sure what we do without you.
Of course to our biggest Fan, who never misses an event and is always there for us with the pride and loving support - THANK YOU MOM!
THANK YOU TO THE REST OF OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS who have been asking how they can be of assistance and stopping by to help in any way then can. We love you all so much and know we could not have done this without you, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Stay Tuned for our First News Letter launching February 1st with upcoming Valentine’s Day Specials and Self-Enrichment Events you won’t want to miss.

Peace and Love,  
Julie Casey-Fortier and Jennifer Casey