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Yoga For Recovery


Fridays from 12-1pm | $15 per Class

This is an intimate class that simultaneously incorporates 12 Step philosophy, meditation and yoga into a practice that supports the recovery process for those struggling with addiction.  Our goal is to address a disease that affects the body, mind and spirit with a practice that heals all three.

You will learn meditation techniques and yoga poses that will train the mind and body in tolerating the uncomfortable feelings and sensations that can lead to addiction and relapse.  We will also release the negative thought and behavior patterns of addiction, or samskaras, through our practice by creating new pathways and habits in the mind and body.  As we move and clear blocked energy, we can "digest" what comes in from the outside world with more peace and stability. We create the space within to connect to something greater than ourselves, which is at the heart of recovery and the spiritual path of yoga.
*Limited to 6 participants