Spa Parties

we love a good Party!

We have come up with some unique party ideas for you to come and enjoy a relaxing, empowering, uplifting, life enhancing evening or afternoon with your friends, family and/or loved ones that will create a wonderful, memorable experience.  You are welcome to bring food and drink - we provide tea and water only. All party guests will leave with a parting gift momentum to remind you of the special time you all spent together.

Chakra Clearing - Meditation with Angel Card Readings

This is a gathering of those who desire a deeper connection with self and others.  The first 45minutes you will be immersed in Positive light and healing energy while your Reiki practitioner begins to clear your Chakra Channels releasing any negative blockages and generating all that is good and healthy. This ritual will be combined with a guided meditation chosen for your group specifically with good intentions for all.  The second 45min. enjoy refreshments while each of you is treated to an Angel Card reading intended to help guide you through life transitions towards the path of light and love.  Trust me - It's all good! 

2 hours
Party Size: 4-6 people
Price per person:


Spa Sampler with a Touch of Zen

Come to our mini Oasis and and be swept away for 2 hours of Bliss while chatting with friends and enjoying a unique pampering spa sampler session. Each guest will be treated to a mini-facial treatment w/hand and arm massage, Essential Oil Foot Bath with Exfoliating scrub and 10 minute chair massage.  You'll all be together in a Serene setting as you take turns experiencing different spa indulgences. 

2 hours
Party Size: 4-6 people
Price Per Person: